Where is Aruba?

Exactly where is Aruba? The island of Aruba, a top destination for tourists is a 33 milometers long island of the Lesser Antilles found in the southern Caribbean Sea, which is located 27 kilometers north of the coast of Venezuela.

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Along with Curacao and Bonaire, they form a group called to as the ABC islands of Leeward Antilles, the island chain found on the southern part of the Lesser Antilles.


Unlike most of the region in the Caribbean, the island of Aruba has an arid, dry climate with a cactus-strewn type of landscape. Because cold trade winds blow in Aruba 95% of the time, tourists and residents here experience that balance of cool and warm sunny weather helping Aruba’s tourism to continue to boom and expand.


Now we know where Aruba is, let’s talk about Aruba’s geography a bit. Aruba has a land area of 180 square kilometers or 69 square miles which is densely populated (the recent update on the population count is 106113) and just lies outside the hurricane belt. The island of Aruba is generally a flat and river less island.

Tourism is just one of Aruba’s main industries that dominate the island’s economy. Other dominant industries are phosphate mining, Petroleum refineries, gold mining, and aloe export.


Aruba is known for its pristine white, sandy beaches on its western and southern coasts of the island. Aruba’s coastlines are relatively sheltered from the ocean’s fierce waves and thus us also where most of the tourist destination developments are being constructed. The eastern and northern coasts of Aruba is largely left untouched by humans and no developments are being made since these are the coasts that are not protected from the ocean’s fierce waves and therefore may not attract any tourists.


For outdoorsy type of people they may ask where Aruba’s highest mountain is. The highest mountain is Mount Jamanota which is 617 feet or 188 meters above sea level.


A common question always being asked by travelers is where is Aruba’s center of business? Aruba’s capital, Oranjestad, is where most of the businesses are located and where the port, international airport, and main airport are found.


Another common question frequently asked by travelers is where is Aruba’s best beach spots? All of Aruba’s developed coastlines boasts of sandy, white beaches but travelers have voted of three best beach spots in Aruba. They are, Eagle beach, Phoenix Beach, and Playa Linda. Be sure to check them all out!



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