Aruba Bank: Keeping your money in safe hands


Since 1925, Aruba bank has been answering and providing the banking needs and demands of its clients. Aruba bank is Aruba island’s oldest bank but has a company mission that is always focused on their customer’s future.

Aruba Bank Online

Aruba bank has been constantly providing quality service to its clients through its smart innovations and smart campaign like their most secure and most advanced online banking system, the ABO or Aruba Bank Online.


Aruba Bank provides its customers with a wide range of services in the fields of insurance services, commercial, retail, corporate, and international banking. The Aruba bank currently has 200 employees that can be found on their five branches scattered around the main points of the island.


The Aruba bank believes that any transaction with its customers is of a lifetime relationship. With this setting in mind, they have these kinds of values:


•           Reliability – Reliability implies that Aruba bank is one solid and trustworthy bank

•           Pro-active – The bank act in anticipation of its customers by always listening to their feedbacks.

•           Innovative – The bank constantly introduce new thoughts, ideas, services, products, and methods on how to provide better service and easier transactions to its clients.

•           Leadership – The bank always thrive to excel and be leaders in their field of expertise.

•           Professional – The bank always display qualities of a high level banking professional.


Now, let us discuss the corporate assets of Aruba bank. With over 1.3 billion AWG of assets, Aruba bank is the largest commercial bank found in the Aruba island and is being supervised by the Central Bank of Aruba.


The Aruba bank has an affiliate with the Orco Group that can be found on the island of Curacao. Their strong connections with prominent financial institutions ensure its clients of a complete, global service.


The Aruba bank also has a global network of correspondent banks which can facilitate their client’s international transactions. They are:


Bank of America, Miami

JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York

Barclay’s Bank PLC, London

ABN / Amro Bank N.V. Rotterdam, Netherlands

ING Bank, Brussels, Belgium

Wachovia Bank, Miami


Despite the establishments of other banks in the Aruba island, Aruba Bank still has managed to keep afloat and maintain its market leading position and has become a fully customer oriented commercial bank.


With 5 branches, 25 atm machines, and over 200 employees, Aruba Bank continues to answer its client’s needs and provide new and innovative services.


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