Perfect for newlyweds – An Aruba honeymoon

Aruba has always been a favourite tourist attraction to have romantic getaways and honeymoons. As a proof of this, Aruba even promoted a slogan which is “One Cool Honeymoon”. And up to now, Aruba is still proving its point and even going beyond it.


What can couples on a honeymoon expect to do in Aruba?


Island Excitement – Having cocktails at the different bars situated along the beachfronts is one way to start a couple’s sizzling nights. There are plentiful late hour establishments such as bars, outdoor cafes, and restaurants that can accommodate couples till the wee hours of the morning. A wacky and wild bar hopping bus is also available for couples to catch a ride on. Day time and Night time cruises are also offered to provide romantic moments combined with ultimate parties including karaoke bars, dance clubs, and the like. If the couple is in the mood to gamble, a lot of casinos can be found in the island too.


Private Time – Couples in an Aruba honeymoon can rent a villa, enjoy a night overboard their own private yacht, rent their personal catamaran, and play unlimited golf. A good massage for couple is to follow after the exhausting trip while enjoying aromatherapy floral bath and a delicious chocolate wrap in hand.


A typical day of activities for couples during the day include picnics for two, horseback riding, travel to private islands, and spa treatments. When dinner time arrives, couples on an Aruba honeymoon can enjoy the luxuries of having a candlelight dinner, moonlit strolls, or just enjoying the cold breeze of the trade winds under the swaying palm trees.


When couples return to their hotels, they can expect spacious suites along with their own private terrace, personalized attention, different culinary delicacies, room service, and of course, flowing champagne.


What are the Aruba honeymoon packages?


There are a lot of Aruba honeymoon packages that are being offered by hotels, resorts, travel agencies, and companies. These packages vary on their inclusion of activities, services, length of stay of which the prices are determined.


To give you an idea of what a basic Aruba honeymoon package should include here are some of them:


Hotel accommodations of couples in an Aruba honeymoon may expect a room with oceanfront accommodations, with a Jacuzzi, a bottle of champagne, fresh cut flowers, limousine transfers, candlelight dinners, couples massage, souvenir upon leaving Aruba, and many more.


After getting married what is next to do? Of course, book a honeymoon trip to Aruba! And you can be assured of a romantic and intimate engagement that neither of you will never ever forget.

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