Aruba Nightlife and Aruba Party

If you still have energy after sunset, Aruba’s nightlife hosts a variety of places where a mix of Caribbean rhythms are there to please you. You will have the opportunity to choose between clubs, folk buses, cafes and lounge type parties, also rumba catamarans are offered as an option for tourists.

You can find a couple of places like the one in this video, where you can have a drink by the sea and enjoy live music. They are located along the beach of the high rise hotels, in Palm Beach Aruba.

Best places to have fun in Aruba:


Aruba is home to around 10 casinos including two at the Renaissance Hotel, other casinos are located in the high rise hotels, including Cool Casino at Riu Palace, Excelsior Copacabana Holiday Inn and Hyatt Regency Casino.

Restaurants. To learn about the best places to eat in Aruba read my post about the Aruba restaurants here.

Clubs and Dancing:

If you like to dance and party, most places in Aruba are located in Palm Beach, by the high rise hotels. Before there were a lot of clubs downtown in Oranjestad, but most of those clubs have closed or moved to Palm beach.

So this is pretty convenient if you stay in this hotels because the clubs and the core of the night life in Aruba will be at a walking distance.

For some reason last time I was there, Thursday were kind of dead at night. But Wednesdays, Friday and Saturday were great to party at night.

Recently they opened a lot of small bars at the South Beach Shopping mall, they also opened a hard rock cafe there and the famous Senor frogs is just one block away from it. This video was taken at the South Beach Mall:

I personally love the happy hour at the Aruba Hyatt Hotel. That takes place on Friday, quite early when they offer drink specials and live music. This video is from the Hyatt happy hour:

You can also take an evening stroll around the island. These night walks entertain tourists with music and shows of all kinds. The bus rides are offered by Kukoo Banana Bus and Kunuko.

Aruba boasts modern and spacious theaters, such as The Cinemas, located at Renaissance Marketplace and Paseo Herencia and Caribbean Cinemas with 8 rooms in Palm Beach Plaza.

Please feel free to share tips  about Aruba’s nightlife and leave comments about your party experience in the island 🙂

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