What is the best Aruba newspaper?


In choosing newspaper to read about Aruba, there isn’t much to choose from. Here I will discuss the most famous newspaper brands available in the island today. Right now there are two national Aruba newspapers. The first is Dario which is in Papiamento language. If you visit their website, their website is in Spanish language. The website can be found at http://www.diario.aw/. It is said that it is the largest newspaper in Aruba since it is also the oldest. The second one is called Amigoe. This one is written in both Dutch and English. Their website can be found at http://www.amigoe.com/. Inquiries for Diario can be mailed at noticia@diarioaruba.com or you could call them at 582-6747.


There are also a few local newspapers printed in major cities. In Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba, there is a total of four major local newspapers. A.M. Digital also has a version of a local T.V. station. Aruba Today is also one of the newspapers read by most people because it is written in English. Therefore, most tourists choose this newspaper. Unfortunately, their website is under reconstruction right now so there is no other information we could get from this newspaper. Although most reviews say that this is the one recommended for tourists since it is printed in English. Two other newspapers are printed in Dutch, this is Awemainta and Bon Dia. All of these are the newspapers available in Oranjestad.


If you want to get just the Aruba newspapers in English, there are more English newspapers than Aruba Today. Amigoe English edition is also available. Also The Morning News and Aruba Daily. Although many tourists still prefers Aruba Today because it contains both local and international news. It also has a Sports section that discusses the latest in the sports world. The Amigoe English edition is actually found on their website but the one in print is in Papiamento. The Morning News just started last year and is used to be the former The News which went bankrupt in 2009.


If you are already in the island and wants to read an Aruba newspaper, just buy the one which you really like and check its contents. Most English Aruba newspaper discusses a few local news on Aruba and features more U.S. based articles and advertisements. But if you want to know more about the city, then there are still local newspapers, both printed in Papiamento and English that you could choose from.


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