Aruba Mail

There are several ways to access your Aruba mail, also known as Aruba webmail. This is by the way, one of the services that is offering to its clients when they sign up for their webhosting services.

Before you can login to your Aruba mail account, you need to have a username and password which is given after you have paid the webhosting services with You will be able to check your emails from any computer, manage all your messages, configure anti-spam filters for unwanted emails, specify filter rules, configure address book and organize your calendar and schedule.

aruba mailFor people who are having problems with their Aruba mail then there are several ways on how to get help. First they have a knowledge based website to get answers for common problems. This knowledge-based information also includes setup configurations on all types of operating system, whether it is Linux, Windows or Mac-based pc. If you forgot your computer and need to access your email right away, the Aruba mail offers webmail services as well for people on the go. It can be accessed in any browser as long as there is an internet connection.


Aruba mail’s online help is so easy to use for it already categorized the different issues that commonly occur in webmail services. There is the category for Messages, for contacts, for documents, and for Calendar.

They also have a powerful search engine if you are trying to look for a specific problem that is not usually written in their online help forum. They even have step by step instructions on how to do the basics like logging-in and out, composing message, deleting and replying to emails. It also teaches you how to create your own signature, filters so you can organize your messages, auto-reply messages and also anti-spam instructions.

The options part of the Aruba mail lets the users customize the email environment. There are also the preferences to change settings on emails.

aruba web mail

For password recovery problems, they have introduced a detailed instruction on how to do it to assist customers to retrieve or reset their passwords. So whether you want to read, manage, send, or simply check your email messages in your Aruba mail, then all you have to do is to go to the online help of Aruba mail at And if you want to access the Aruba mail itself then visit the website at


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