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Aruba Travel:  From the Aquamarine Landscape to the Rusty Outback

For most beachbums and travel fanatics, their idea of Aruba just dwells on the tropical color wheel.  Varying shades of blue from the skies to the waters sandwich other vibrant shades of summer emanating from its landscape and the people traversing the island.  However, Aruba travel does not just focus on the beach, as there is absolutely much more!


While it could be true that majority of Aruba travel packages include beaches, skin and sun, there are other activities that may be plotted in your timeline during your visit; activities that might not require you to just linger on powdery white sands but allow you to experience the rich Caribbean culture beyond the shoreline.


Aruba travel deals mostly include offers that revolve around the run of common activities associated with island living.  Snorkeling, aqua sports, diving and island hopping are among these.  But apart from the enjoyment involved in these activities are other events that could appeal to those who embrace the idea of a different kind of fun amidst a stretch of crystal blue waters.


There are land tours through ATV or jeep adventures, allowing guests to appreciate the rugged landscapes of the northeastern side of Aruba.  Any neophyte daring to travel Aruba should have this in his list, as you’ll never know when this can happen again.  There is just utter magnificence in the rusty horizon of gorges and cliffs interspersed with refreshing natural pools to invigorate tiring and dusty outback escapades!


And for a “deeper” appreciation of the deep, a submarine tour could take you at a depth of 120 feet below sea level.  There’s a lot of history nestled on ocean floors and this could be a chance for enthusiasts to further their awareness.  Another variant of a submerged Caribbean tour is through the Seaworld Explorer, an underwater expedition just a few feet below surface level.  The part of the vessel that goes beneath the water is fully transparent for people to “see the wonders of the sea” in full, clear view!


Horseback riding tours along the coast of Malmok Beach may also be arranged when you travel Aruba.  Not only does it give you the chance to maximize your beach experience by combing the stretch of white sand, but it also allows you to see scenic rock formations, sand dunes and century-old cacti reminiscent of dated cowboy movies!  So, what’s with the waiting?  Book now!

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