Aruba Restaurants

I really love the Happy Island and when it comes to select the best Aruba Restaurants, you do have great choices to pick from.

One thing to keep in mind is that prices of the food in the island are a little bit more pricy than in the US. But no worries, I will give you some hints.

One of my favorites is called Salt & Pepper, which is located at the heart of Palm Beach. half a block away from The Hard Rock. They have a nice selection of Tapas, so if you want to have something light, you can order delicious assorted tapas that you won’t regret and won’t hurt your pocket either.

Aruba restaurants

Salt & Pepper from the Outside

I took a picture of their menu, so you can take a look 😉

Salt & Pepper menu. Aruba Restaurants

I love their Mango Shrimp, garlic escargot, chorizo and garlic calamari tapas.

Another pic from outside Salt & Pepper.

If you like Italian food, another great choice is Sole Mare.

Sole Mare. Aruba Restaurant

It might be a little tricky to get there. Sole Mare is located in Palm Beach, nearby the South beach center.

South Beach Centre. Palm Beach Aruba

Once you are there, you drive heading to the Wendy’s and keep going about half a mile and you will find it.

This is how Sole Mare looks from Outside.

On my last trip I found out the restaurant is under new administrations, but the food was good as always.

My gf at Sole Mare restaurant

You can notice the restaurant has a romantic ambiance.

Sole Mare restaurant

Depending on how much you eat, you may want to assess the portions. We could easily eat from both from one entry. Their portions are generous.

If you like soccer like me , there is a place in Oranjestad Aruba (downtown) that sells a good onion soup and some traditional food form the Netherlands called Cafe The Plaza.

Cafe The Plaza. Oranjestad Aruba

They have a big screen where you can watch the important soccer games

Cafe The Plaza Inside.

and have a drink too.

That's us watching a game where Manchester United lost 🙁

Cafe the plaza is located in the back of this shopping center, you will see this from the main street of Downtown.

Cafe The Plaza is behind this

Another place that is kind of a secret is called the Old Fisherman. It’s a restaurant that is located in downtown, kind of tricky to get there. That’s why I decided to make a video  to show you how to find it coming from the main street of downtown.

You can look at it here:

They have the best fish soup in the island. Actually they have two that are very good. Their fish soup and the seafood soup. My favorite is the fish one.

I heard from locals that they get their own fresh fish caught around the Caribbean Sea waters around the island. I haven’t eaten there yet, butI really recommend their soup.

Another suggestion I could do is the restaurant located at the Aruba’s lighthouse. I have not eaten there yet, so i will give my review next time, but the view of this place is amazing!

View from the Aruba's lighthouse

Aruba's lighthouse

The Aruba restaurant choices are quite varied. As a matter of fact, if you like steak there’s a Ruth Chris Steakhouse inside the Marriott Hotel. Do not miss their bread pudding with Whiskey sauce for dessert. It’s delicious!

Bon Appetit !


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