Great Deals on Aruba Vacation Rentals

For families or groups of friends who prefer to lounge in the stillness of fresh island air and scent of saline waters for an indefinite period, Aruba vacation rentals would be a great choice.  These are usually situated in the residential areas that are not directly at the beachfront but are just minutes away.  There is no worry about surcharges like that in hotels because rates may be calculated on a weekly basis.


Of late, there are good buys on Aruba vacation rentals that are not as pricey and glitzy as resort hotel charges.  Check out the following choices that do not go beyond the $2000 mark for an entire week’s stay.


The Tropical Breeze Hideaway is a two-bedroom villa with a pool and two bathrooms.  It can accommodate eight persons, with a nightly rate range of $90 to $157 and a weekly rate range of $630 to $1100.  It’s a very private refuge (fully fenced) and all rooms face the pool.  It takes a mere five minutes to get to the main beaches, restaurants and casinos.  It is among the cheapest Aruba vacation rentals that you can find.  It operates as stated from May to October and becomes a bed and breakfast type come November through April.


The three-bedroom Modanza Villa commands a weekly rate of $1100 to $1395.  About 15 minutes away from the beach, the large porch and outdoor area gives their guests a very spacious platform for relaxation.  Local restaurants are just a few steps away.  Mingling with the locals would be one good way of getting to know the island better.  A special offer is up for grabs – free one night for an eight-day stay.  There are additional rates for taxes, security deposits, water and electricity.


For the Rancho Azul Villa that charges weekly rates of about $1350 to $1950, how does 20% off for May and June sound?  Also with three bedrooms, it takes pride in the natural habitat encircling the house, being situated in the rugged northern coast in close proximity to a nature reserve area.  A refreshing poolside deck, fully-equipped kitchen and living areas, high-speed internet, large garage, varying shades of blue, orange and white – just the right colors to highlight the tropical aura yet serene atmosphere.


With these Aruba vacation rentals ready to welcome you without snatching a lot from your budget, vacationers will certainly leave the island with a smile.

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