Aruba beach; another wonder of the world.


The island of Aruba is said to be blessed with the best beaches in the world. The Aruba beach coast is also considered worldwide to be among the longest, cleanest, and the most spectacular of beaches found in the Caribbean.


An Aruba beaches are composed of smooth and powder fine white sand and the sparkling blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. All you need to do is to soak up on the suntan, a refreshing cocktail drink, and you are now ready to hit the Aruba beach!


The beaches in Aruba are easily accessible and development is continually being done to accommodate larger people to have parking slots, and other several access roads and walk ways.


A lot of beaches can be found in Aruba. Here are some of them:


•           Arashi Beach – The sand here in Arashi beach is a little finer than the usual powder like sand found on Aruba. It has excellent calm waters and has no facilities, only beach huts or palapas for shade but have many parking slots.


•           Palm Beach – Voted to be the best beach in Aruba, this beach boasts of excellent calm waters and white powder like sands.


•           Eagle Beach – The beach here has white fine sand and the waters have a little gentle surf.


•           Andicuri Beach – This beach is not recommended for swimming since it has huge waves. But try surfing, which is perfect here.


•           Dos Playa Beach – This beach is not recommended for swimming since it has huge wave but is a perfect destination for picnics. You can just simply admire the view from here.


•           Renaissance Island Beach – There is a board stretch of white fine sand and you can either choose to go to the public or private beach part.


•           Mangel Halto – This beach has shallow waters which are great for kiddie swimming and is also a place for great picnic spots.


•           Bachelors Beach – This beach is ok for swimming but is best suited for windsurfing and snorkelling.


•           It is illegal in Aruba beaches to be nude. But In some parts of the Aruba beach that are secluded, optional clothing or nude beaches are done by some people. Only thing is just try not to get caught. Though nudity is banned and is illegal in the beaches, Topless sunbathing is not. A few select beach spots such as De Palm Island and Te Renaissance Island permit this kind of sun bathing.


•           Any many more!


Aruba beaches are one of the most decorated and awarded beaches in the world. Not only are they clean, the sand is powder like and the beach is pristine. So what are you waiting for? Book a ticket now!



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