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Aruba Weather – Perfect for out goers!

Weather in Aruba: Temperature – The average daytime temperature in Aruba is 27 degrees Celsius  (82°F) . The cool trading winds and bright sunshine brings that balance of cool and hot experience. People there can experience the hottest months from May through October while the coolest months can be experienced from December through March. The difference between the day and night temperatures, and between winter and summer temperatures in Aruba just varies around 3.6 degrees.

Aruba weather is awesome!

Winds – The cool trade winds in Aruba blows from the Northeast and Southeast a whopping 95% of the time, having an average wind speed of 17 miles an hour, providing constant cooling to the people.

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Hurricanes: Thanks to the geographical location of Aruba, the island remains completely outside of the hurricane belt. Also, Aruba is really close to the equator, only 860 miles away. Because of this, there are no defined four seasons as it happens in the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Aruba weather

Aruba weather








So If you are planning to go on a trip to Aruba, go for it! No matter what time of the year it is.

Rainfall is moderate and reach an average rainfall of 408.9 mm (16.1”) a year.

Residents and travellers are blessed with bright and glistening sunshine, clear blue skies and trade winds that keep you cool mostly every day whole year round. No matter what time of the year it is, only a handful and very few days on the island of Aruba experience heavy rainfall. It is usually just a passing shower, not even enough to make you get out of the beach. But so you have the information, the “rainy season” in Aruba is considered to take part in the months November and December.

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Aside from the breath taking views and to die for beaches, Aruba weather is only one of the numerous reasons why the island has one of the highest visitor-return rates. As they say in the happy island “The sun always shines out here!”


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