The renowned two mile long strip – Palm Beach Aruba

Aruba is home to one of the world’s grandest coastlines, and one of that is Palm Beach Aruba. Upon landing in Aruba, you immediately feel the strong cool trade winds and the warm shine of the sun kissing your skin. Chances are, you are booked to a hotel in the southwest coast of the island. You are in luck since this is where you will find the Palm Beach Aruba.


A lot of people who have been to Aruba have been saying that Palm Beach Aruba is the best place to stay in the island. You cannot blame them since it is in Palm Beach Aruba where you will find the best time shares and high rise resort hotels on the island. Upon arriving in your hotel room, just look outside your window and you will be able to see the spectacular view of the southwest coastline, the Palm Beach, and the sparkling blue waters of the Caribbean.


What are the activities you can do in Palm Beach Aruba?


Since Palm Beach is home to the beautiful high rise resort hotels, people watching is a no – brainer here. You might even see your favourite stars around. Every resort’s property is open to all passerbies and you may stop by them anytime, catch drinks and food, and checkout their hotel amenities like gardens and waterfalls complete with animals.


When you already decide to hit the beach, Palm Beach Aruba offers numerous activities that you can do. Water sports such as scuba diving, jet skiing, snorkelling, and many more are offered here, even with instructions. You may also want to hang out in the sand, just under their beach shelters or palm trees and play sand games such as volleyball and Frisbee. The possibilities here are endless!


When mid morning comes, people can be found sun bathing on the beach. This is the best time to sun bathe since the heat is already not that intense and the winds usually blows stronger this time of the day,


When night time hits, Palm Beach Aruba is definitely the place to be. The long strip is lit up by the lights coming from the chain of bars and restaurants along the coast. The night life here usually lasts until the wee hours of the morning. Most hotels offer car rentals for those people who want to skip the walking part and cruise the Palm Beach strip on wheels.


Because Palm Beach Aruba is such a famous spot, it can get really crowded there and may cause discomfort for some people. But if you are in search for people-mingling and partying then you are sure to enjoy there.


With superb weather all year round, Aruba is the perfect getaway for you. Don’t forget to check out not only Palm Beach Aruba but also the other numerous tourist destinations that Aruba offers.


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