The Cinemas Aruba


One activity you can do as soon as you reach Aruba is to find time to watch a good movie. This is where Cinemas Aruba comes in. Cinemas Aruba is an online site that offers tourists and locals of Aruba convenience in finding and buying tickets of their favourite movie. You can choose from the different theatres or you can also search by movies. You will see the updated information on the latest movies playing today and also in the next few days or so. Among the theatres that they carry are Renaissance, Paseo Herencia, and Crystal Theater.


A very good feature of the website is that you can buy online. If your chosen movie can be bought online, it will redirect you to a purchasing page where you can put your personal details and mode of payment. The Cinemas Aruba offers its customers a point-system card called The Cinemas Super Card in which a customer gains points in every ticket purchase. And these points can be redeemed for their products or tickets on your next visit. You can also purchase tickets using your mobile phone. The tickets purchased will be reflected on your next SETAR post-paid bill (SETAR is the mobile phone network in Aruba). Step by step instructions can be found at this website


The Cinemas Aruba also has partnership with some major restaurants that gives movie packages with dinner or lunch buffet. Just checkout the latest promos and packages in their website. Ticket price vary from the different theatres and also if you choose the Matinee seats. If your chosen movie is in 3d, then it will be a little bit more expensive.


All movies are rated in 4 categories. G is for General Audiences, meaning all ages can see the movie. No other restrictions. PG is for Parental Guidance and as the phrase suggests, these movies should be seen by kids that are accompanied by adults because some scenes are not suitable for children. PG13 are for 13 year-old children and up. The reason behind this is that when a kid turns 13, he/she may have a little bit of understanding of some adult issues. Some scenes also are not appropriate for kids under 13. R is for restricted and this rating is given to movies that usually has sexual content, etc. People under the age 17 should have a parent or guardian when watching the movie.


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