Aruba Bank Online – Secure or Not?

ABO, also called as Aruba Bank Online is one of the services that Aruba Bank is offering. Aruba Bank, which is the first and also the oldest bank in Aruba has been providing financial services to its locals for more than 80 years. It operates in 5 branches within Aruba with 200 employees servicing both locals and tourists alike. But since Aruba Bank Online is internet-based, you do not need to be in the city to do your transactions. It has partnerships with famous banks outside Aruba for more convenient international transactions. One of these is JP Morgan Chase Bank of New York, Bank of America in Miami, Wachovia Bank in Miami, ABN/Amro Bank N.V. in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, ING Bank in Brussels, Belgium and Barclays Bank PLC in London.

The Aruba Bank Online can be accessed through In here it will ask you to enter your customer ID and user ID if you are a sub-user. It then has additional instructions for you to do like typing your password and PIN number before you can sign in. It sounds like very complicated but this particular system has already worked for years. Since cyber-hacking and other online-related crimes are on the rise, Aruba Bank Online is finding ways on how to improve the security of their system. With these many verification processes, the bank will know that the one who is trying to sign in is really the owner of the account. It will also give you some tips on how to make your account secure and avoid any bank-related crimes.


Services offered in Aruba Bank Online are almost the same as what is given in the bank itself. Whether it’s face-to-face or online, they are still giving 100% customer service to their clients, making them number 1. It still provides personal banking, corporate banking, platinum banking, and still offers insurance to its clients. The only difference is that it is given online and transactions are done through the internet. Of course many are still hesitant and are worried in doing online banking but you should worry no more because Aruba Bank Online is providing utmost security to its customers and is continually improving their system to protect its clients. Their customer support is so easy to call and they can assist you in whatever problems you may have with the bank or the online banking. You can also report stolen cards, fraud, and apply through them instead of online.


Should you wish to contact the bank itself or their customer service hotline, they can be reached at Tel: (+297) 527 7777. You can send them mail at Aruba Bank N.V., Camacuri 12, P.O. Box 192, Oranjestad, Aruba with fax line number (+297) 527 7715.

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