Budget-Friendly Aruba Vacation Packages

Aruba vacation packages do not only equate to access to some beach paradise.  When you get hold of vacation package deals, it includes flight and hotel accommodations so your vacation can be as hassle‑free as possible.  There are hotels that offer all inclusive deals that cover meals and access to shops and other facilities.  So if you’re set on traveling to the Caribbean for a grand island adventure, it would be better to settle for all inclusive deals to cover all angles and leave not a stretch of sand unvisited.


The following are just some of the top Aruba vacation packages based on guest reviews.  (Prices reflected are in US Dollars for one adult on double occupancy.  Tax recovery charges are also inclusive.  However, prices are subject to change, so check your favored travel sites every now and then.)


The Holiday Inn SunSpree Aruba Beach Resort and Casino holds the top spot in affordable Aruba vacation packages.  For about $750, you get a prime oceanfront location right across the famed Palm Beach.  This estimated price includes flight and hotel accommodations for four nights!  It could save you nearly $400 from their regular peak season rates.  But since it is affected by the time and season, it could vary from time to time.  Such price for a premier hotel is a very good deal.


The Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort offers a five-night stay plus airfare for $794.  That’s five nights of high class fun and entertainment in the middle of the most renowned address in Aruba.  Palm Beach is like the Vegas of Aruba because of the stretch of first class resorts, casinos and spas along its coastline.


Another one from the Divi chain of hotels is The Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort.  For $864, guests are given six nights of stay, airfare included.  Going on a sabbatical just keeps getting better with deals that do not challenge your budget too much.


A vacation deal from The Tropicana Aruba Resort and Casino could cost $834, which is good for seven nights plus airfare.  That’s a week of Caribbean pleasure!


The cheapest among all listed Aruba vacation packages is offered by The Mill Resort and Suites.  Flight plus a five-night stay only costs $650.  These offers are sure to meet any traveler’s budget!  Now, still thinking that that long-awaited family getaway is far from being possible due to budget constraints?


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