Understanding the Aruba map

So, you have finally decided to take your trip to Aruba? Nice! You are all packed up but you may be missing one of the most essential items that you will need to bring. What is it you ask? Of course, the map of Aruba!


Once you get to Aruba, you may ask the locals who are very accommodating for your way around, but if you have a handy Aruba map in your hand, getting around would be just a breeze.


So what types of information can we find on the Aruba map?


•           Geography of Aruba – An Aruba map provides detailed information of its geographical position. The island of Aruba having a longitude of 69.97 and latitude of 12.5 is an administrative region that is part of the Caribbean. This location is found 7 kilometres east of its capital which is Oranjestad and 48 kilometres north west of the approximate center of Aruba.


•           Climate of Aruba – The climate in Aruba is that of a tropical marine climate, having little seasonal variations.


•           Weather in Aruba – In Aruba, you can expect a cool, sunny day almost year round. This is because of the cool trade winds that balance the heat of the sun, with only very little possibilities of rain.


•           Population in Aruba – As of the recent update this year 2011, the number of people is an estimate of 106113 persons.


•           Languages spoken in Aruba – The most dominant language spoken in Aruba is called Papiamento. Other languages spoken in Aruba are Spanish, English, and Dutch.


•           Flag description of Aruba – The flag of Aruba is a host of many colors. It is blue with two narrow horizontal stripes of yellow, placed across the lower portion of the flag, and a red four pointed star that is outlined in white in the upper side corner.



•           Government type in Aruba – The government type currently in Aruba is parliamentary democracy.


•           Currency in Aruba – The currency being used in Aruba is called Aruban guilder / florin.


Many more other information can be found on different Aruba maps but these are the basic set of information you can find.

With the use of the map of Aruba, hopping from one destination to another will be easy without the risk of losing your way. Most Aruba map also provides detailed information and points where establishments such as airports, resorts, beaches, and more other tourist destinations are displayed.


With the use of the Aruba map, visiting all the tourist destinations during your Aruba trip will be fast, free and may be free if you know how to get your way around!


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