The capital of the island paradise, Oranjestad Aruba!


The island of Aruba boasts of one of the most beautiful coastlines on earth. The beaches have been the main tourist attraction there but a lot of people have something that is being overlooked. Its capital, Oranjestad!


Most of you do not know that Oranjestad Aruba is also as charming as its beaches! A lot of things can be seen and experienced in the city. Before going any further, let us first discuss the history behind Oranjestad Aruba.

Oranjestad (Orangetown when translated in English) is the most important city in Aruba. It is located near the western end of the island on the southern coast. In Aruba’s local language (Papiamento) it is simply referred to as “Playa”.


Oranjestad did not have a name back then. When it was built around Fort Zoutman in the year 1796, it was only known as the town on the Bay of Horses. Fort Zoutman still remains one of the city’s main historical attractions, along with Willem III Tower, and the tax free harbour.


Oranjestad was named after the King Willem van Oranje-Nassau. The name was given to the city when interest to the city increased upon the discovery of gold deposits.


What can you find in Oranjestad Aruba?


Transport – You can find in Oranjestad the largest port of the island. It is capable of docking up to five large vessels. A smaller port can also be found near the main port. Oranjestad also houses the Queen Beatrix International Airport. The airport is very near the city center, having only a 2.5 kilometer distance between them.


Establishments – Numerous tall and multicoloured houses can be found in Oranjestad. A lot of malls with numerous boutiques can also be found here. The Caya G. F. Betico Croes (also called Main Street) and Seaport Village are Oranjestad’s main shopping areas. These places become overly crowded when cruise ships dock at Oranjestad.


Entertainment – In Oranjestad, you can go to different attractions such as museums, view the butterfly farm, play golf, and view art galleries.


All of the government buildings and main offices can be found in Oranjestad. Depending of the time of the year, you can find yourself in the middle of a summertime festival, fireworks celebration, and a parade in honor of their queen.


There is more to Oranjestad Aruba than we can discuss here. The best thing is t find them out yourself and discover that it is not only the beaches you have got to see in Aruba!


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