Experience fun at Aruba Island


Aruba island, which is located at the southern Caribbean sea has been bestowed with one of the world’s most beautiful beaches and coastlines. For the past few years, thousands and thousands of travellers have been going back and forth to the islands making Aruba island the highest visitor return rate in the Caribbean.


The Aruba island tourism goes by the slogan “One Happy Island”. So far, Aruba island has exceeded its expectation to attract tourists. The beach on Aruba island is its main tourist attraction but aside from the beaches, Aruba island’s city which is Oranjestad, is also a tourist attraction. The city boasts of multi colored pastel buildings and various theme parks, carnivals, and other local establishments.


When you come to the right season, you can experience a lot of festivities going around the Aruba island. Different festivities and parties are held during some days. Just be wary that most of the shops in the island are closed during those festivities.


Travelling to Aruba Islands is easy when you are coming from Europe, USA, Canada, and the Caribbean since most major air flight carriers offer nonstop trips or have very convenient clay off connections. Current passports are required to enter Aruba island and most of the citizens from the above stated countries do no require visas. You may check your local embassy if your country is included in the permitted no visa entry to Aruba islands.


As trip for tourists, just pack what items and essentials that you will need. Light clothes and shorts are already sufficient for your whole trip to Aruba island. Even bottled drinking water is not advised to bring here since the tap water that is circulating within the Aruba island is already pure and clean, and can be directly drank by people. Do not forget to bring your sun tan lotions since it may get a little hot during the peak afternoon but most of the daytime, people can experience that balance of cool and warm since cool trade winds blow at the islands 95% of the time.


Looking for a place to stay in Aruba island would not be a problem since a lot of 5 star hotels and resorts are scattered throughout the place. Whether you are there to find peace and relaxation or want to have vibrant night life parties, the numerous hotels can offer it all.


So if you are looking for a place to spend your vacation, Aruba island should be on top of your list. With the balance of cool and warm temperature and the sparkling blue beaches and powder like sand, you can never go wrong with your trip to Aruba!


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