Aruba Tourism

Aruba is an island that can be found in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea and is one of the countries under the Kingdom of Netherlands, which also runs a Constitutional Monarchy. Right now it is Queen Beatrix who is considered head of state. It is followed by the governor, prime minister, and deputy prime minister.

Since Aruba is an island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, the weather is mostly dry and it’s like summer all year long. This is the reason why Aruba tourism has boosted for the past several years. Tourists from all over the world come here and enjoy the beach, the sand, the food and the warmth of the people. According to statistics, most of its tourists come from the United States, Holland and neighbouring countries like Venezuela.

The majority of its people speak English, it’s an educational requirement for the locals, but many other speak Dutch, Spanish and Papiamento (a local language, which is a combination of English, Spanish, Portuguese, etc).

The climate of Aruba is also one of the reasons of the booming Aruba tourism. It is generally a tropical climate all year round, making it more attractable to tourists around the world.

Aruba tourism constitutes the bulk of the island’s economy, and the main businesses are hotels, resorts, tours, and other activities related to tourism. They also have a low unemployment rate making them one of the countries that has the highest standards of living.

If one wants to know more about Aruba, its rich culture and other exotic destinations, besides using my site, you can inquire at the Aruba Tourism authority. All information about the different scenic spots, beaches and other tourist destinations can be found there.

For more information on Aruba tourism, contact the local office of Aruba tourism authority at +297-5823777. You can also visit their website at for more information.

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