Baby Beach Aruba

Every tourist and traveller agrees that you cannot see and experience Aruba in just a couple of trips. With the numerous tourist pristine destinations scattered all over the Aruba Island, it is very difficult to explore each and every one of them. In this article, we will focus on one of those pristine destinations; the baby beach Aruba.


For those who have been to baby beach Aruba, they say only one thing. Amazing. The baby beach Aruba is a shallow, sheltered man made beach that can be found on Seroe Colorado, on the Island’s southeast end.



Baby beach Aruba is one of the most recommended spots to visit while in Aruba. As the name implies, the beach is hugely popular due to its very calm beach and shallow water making the beach child friendly or very safe for children to swim on.


Baby beach Aruba is also home to the ancient elk horn corals that houses thousands of different tropical Caribbean fishes making this beach a must go to site for snorkelling enthusiasts.


In the past, pollution became a problem in baby beach Aruba since it became very famous that it generally became crowded day by day, making it very littered. The beach was quickly losing its value and because of that, the locals executed cleanup programs and quickly were able to restore the cleanliness and orderliness in the beach.


Let’s talk about how baby beach Aruba was formed many many years ago.


Back in the 30’s when oil was pretty much dictating the economy of Aruba, the workers and their families wanted a place where they can hang out, relax, and de-stress themselves after work that is just close to their homes. The workers covered part of the beach cove with rocks and concrete to form a wave less, quit area. What the workers did not know that this would become one of the most visited places on earth on the future.


Baby beach Aruba is constantly being developed, and now there are already public facilities that have been established such as huts, chairs, snack stands, and umbrellas along the shore line. Rental cars are also available for the people who want to traverse around the beach.


Truly, baby beach Aruba is one of the worlds finest. With family friendly beaches and stunning coral reef views for snorkelling, people visiting would surely enjoy spending time there

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