Aruba Beach Club: The ABC of a Fantastic Island Time

This particular Caribbean resort embraces guests into the comfort zone level, providing them with the feel that they never left home.  Keeping it simple yet astounding guests with superior service and updated facilities, the Aruba Beach Club does keep its commitment to giving guests the vacation that they deserve.

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The hustle and bustle in the metro is what compels people to seek refuge in the islands.  Nothing is more refreshing than being one with nature yet replete with the essentials of daily living.  There is a tendency for people to worry about leaving so much at home when they head off to some exotic geographic spot because they feel that everything is fundamental.  But at the Aruba Beach Club, this feeling is gradually eliminated as they aim to provide the home atmosphere to their clients.


It is a timesharing resort equipped with an Olympic-sized pool, tennis courts and a stretch of aquamarine and white landscape.  All of 131 suites are oceanfront with terraces or balconies.  There are three types of rooms available, the Superior, Deluxe and Royal Superb.  The latter two have full-sized kitchens while the first has a kitchenette.


Spa treatments may be availed of right at the resort at the Serenity Day Spa.  There are activities arranged by the resort, such as pool aerobics and bingo for guest interaction.  The Alhambra Casino is right across the Aruba Beach Club.  The Links golf course at Divi is also in close proximity.


Rental rates are variable but very much affordable.  Club members are charged lower than transient guests.  Winter is their peak season; therefore, rates from December to April are higher.  Rates plummet as summer sets in from May to November, much to the delight of vacationers.


Below are estimated figures of the nightly rates:

Suite Type                                 Summer (Member/Transient)      Winter (Member/Transient)

Superior (4 persons max)                       $105/$140                                 $150/$200

Deluxe (5 persons max)                          $131/$175                                 $199/$265

Royal Superb (6 persons max)                 $146/$195                                 $225/$300


These low rates will surely appeal to the budget conscious.  Imagine the minimal amount you need to cough up by booking a stay at the Aruba Beach Club.  Excellent service for a fraction of the price in other accommodations; isn’t that a fair enough deal?  The resort would not be standing on stable ground for decades if it’s not worth a dime, right?  Take it from guests who have been going back and forth several times and staying for weeks.

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